What It Is

Tree of Life Central is a marketplace economy that includes a full range of online and in-person services as well as tangible items, including homes, beginning with specific Earthwaking village locations and its online community.

The Tree of Life economy will eventually encompass the entire 5D Earth, no matter where you are physically located in the world.

Why It Matters

Fiat currencies (like the US dollar and most national currencies as well as Bitcoin and every known crypto) are backed by nothing more than faith and confidence in an idea. With Nature Coin, you get to vote with your values. The global economy is experiencing unprecedented upheaval which is expected to proceed exponentially in the months and years ahead. Nature Coin and the Tree of Life economy are your opportunity to set yourself and your loved ones up with something of inherent value that will only increase over time. The sooner you begin to acquire Nature Coin and fully participate in the economy of the 5D Earth, the better for everyone and everything you hold dear.

Get Started Now

Nature Coin is available now. All accumulated Nature Coin for each person is being tracked and a wallet system is set up. In addition, a variety of services and products offered by a growing number of people are being identified so that Tree of Life Central can be as robust as possible. Early adopters have many options to acquire Nature Coin and boost their holdings with double and triple Nature Coin-to-dollar offers.

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