1. Create an Account
    First, you’ll need to have a Profile to purchase or create offers. You can create Your Account by clicking the button at the top of the page.
    1. Best Practices
      1. Your Name or Business Name
      2. Profile Picture of You or Business Logo
      3. Bio
        1. Tell us a little about You (What would you like the community to know about you, what’s your contribution to the community and any other fun facts)
      4. Add public key
  2. Make or Find an Offering
    After Successfully completing your account, You can Now list your heart-centered offering and you can also message a contributor of an existing Offer.
    1. Create an Offering
      1. Select the best Category
      2. Insert an Image of your product or item or to represent your service (you can also add your QR code wallet image)
      3. Title (Provide a quick preview of your offer being as concise & clear as possible ie., 90 minute Thai Massage)
      4. Price in NACO (How much do you want for sharing your heart’s passion. NACO is currently 1 NACO=$3 USD)
      5. Fill in any other applicable fields
      6. Description
        1. Describe what you’re offering (date, time, where, size, benefits)
        2. Add best way to contact you (email, calendly)
        3. Add your public key
  3. You’re done!
    Now YOU can take part in Exchanging and getting things done on the Tree of Life Central!

Nature Coin FAQ

  • What is Nature Coin? 
    NaCo is the reserve currency of the New Earth economy.
  • Why does NaCo matter?
    The New Earth economy is a system that is beholden to no one. It is the economy of those who are co-creating it – that’s YOU!
  • Who can use NaCo? 
    NaCo is available for anyone to transact with.
  • Is it safe to use NaCo? 
    We use Metamask wallets which are anonymous. 
  • Where can I get NaCo?
    You receive NaCo as a gift when you donate to Earthwaking. You can also earn NaCo. You cannot buy NaCo.
  • Where can I use it? 
    TreeofLifeCentral.com is the marketplace for the New Earth economy. 
  • What can I spend it on? 
    Anything in Tree of Life Central and anything inside an Earthwaking Village location.  Anything that a willing seller will accept NaCo for.
  • What makes NaCo different than other cryptocurrencies? 
    It is the currency of Earthwaking Outreach, a 508(c)(1)(a) organization. It is not traded on a typical exchange like other cryptos.
  • Where can I earn NaCo? What can I do to earn NaCo? 
    Tree of Life Central is the place for you if you want to earn NaCo. We will also have many opportunities within Earthwaking Village physical locations to earn NaCo for a variety of tasks.
  • When will NaCo be in my wallet? 
    Once we verify and confirm the source data for all transactions, we will send NaCo to wallets. Those who have set up their wallets first will be the first to receive it.

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