3 Day VIP Private Men's Retreats

3 Day VIP Private Men's Retreats

Private 3 day men’s retreat for men seeking alchemical transformation, healing from heart break, learning how to get in shape, be more muscular, have more energy, turbo boost your libido, gain more confidence, higher self esteem, access more of your true masculine force, unleash your true life purpose.

Included is all meals, lodging and transportation to and from airport. You will receive supplements and structured water as well.

We will work one on one to create epic breakthroughs, go to the beach, river, go hiking, do conscious breathing sessions, connecting in nature, go to waterfalls, do trauma release, take plant medicine as in wild herbs to assist in healing your emotions, mind and body on your stay.

You will receive ongoing coaching to support you for 60 days after you leave.

*** Payment plans are available – ask and we can work something out.

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