3D Home/Land/Furniture Design.

3D Home/Land/Furniture Design.
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Has your imagination and creativity ever envisioned something that you wish you could bring to life?
Or maybe you’ve been thinking about re-creating a space you already have.
Do you have undeveloped land you’re looking to build on?
Well I can help!
Using a 3D design program I am able to design, create, and render just about anything so you can see it before bringing it to real life! From re-designing a space to building a brand new home, nothing is too large or too small. With accurate measurements down to the .001’s of an inch anything I present you can actually be used to build the creation. So I’m able to provide anything from blueprints and schematics, to beautiful renders of what the finished project will look like. With my added background in carpentry and electrical engineering, I am able to provide more detailed drawings without needing to outsource additional contractors. Contact me today and lets bring your ideas to life!
– 4 Hour minimum.
– 1 of those hours is one-on-one time via ZOOM or in person for edits.
– FREE re-renders from different view points if requested

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