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Art of Life
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I love take pictures to express life in all angles. My 10 years face book compilation ” ART OF LIFE ” through the camera I seized the moment with 337 photos from the photographer’s eyes to see the world. I love beauty, animals, natures, and I am on my spiritual journey all my life.

I appreciate all the different opportunities to learn and grow I appreciate all the creations from LOVE/ GOD to serve all levels of humanities everyone and everything and it all is good and perfect. In July 2022 I still saw my post collections from all spiritual modality from East to the West, and I was grow out of ONLY ONE religion to many spiritual studies and didn’t realize 10 years ago I already purposely did it to united all religions by posting different levels of practices. ( But now face book edited my hard book copy to my pictures only).

I am presenting 10+ years of my life with my passion in silent to let people to have a choice to choose what they want in their life, if you like my photo please use it as wallpaper, or enlarge your favorite pictures frame it display in your home, or office or make a special home made gift, to make a calendar or print it on T-shirt to express your The One personalities or do nothing just enjoy the LOVE creations and beauty.

There is power with my photo, because it has my love, light, compassion tuned with universes, blessings with gratitude to all life including everyone and everything from my heart and soul to your heart and soul.

To me these photos are priceless I can’t put a price on it, it’s a contribution sale it could start 1 digit to 7 digits to unlimited numbers. I appreciate any donations from your heart and soul.

In return I like to donate to LOVE missions to build as many earth waking sustainable villages to the world ASAP with my gratitude .

So we all can experience LOVE/GOD heaven on earth qualities in this life NOW while we are still ALIVE.

TOGETHER WE BEAUTIFY THE WORLD FROM INSIDE OUT. Thank you for your kind contribution to help build a more beautiful world we can all enjoy appreciate your large or small sum of donations.

LOVE 💕 you all

My email is

Here is my facebook digital photo book link, download it and enjoy!


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