Light Seer'S Tarot

Light Seer'S Tarot

I invite you to Journey with me of shadows and sunshine to find what is yours.

Do you seek to uncover the places in life and in yourself that are in most need of illumination?

The light seer’s tarot is a healing deck with free spirited characters who took responsibility for their own sunshine and light. It gives the awareness to become our highest selves in the opportunities we face. It gives the ability to respond to our thoughts and our actions with aunthenticity and unapologetically while inspiring us to do the deep healing work. As we explore the expressions of the light and shadow sides of our natures we reveal the lessons that can be learned from both.

Direct message me now for a 30 min tarot spread

-Light and shadow of the day
-Light worker illumination
-Calling in love
-Soul joy

Much love and light
Sarah Jean

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