Onsite Permaculture Consultation

Onsite Permaculture Consultation

Our Basic Analysis and Regenerative Agro-Ecology Plan is a personalized package designed to meet your specific needs and goals and offer optimized strategies to overcome potential limitations. We build upon your current understanding and plans, and offer clear, concise next-steps to advance your project into “dream-like” abundance.

Typically we begin with an initial 1 hour intake/interview. From there, we direct our time in the most efficient way possible to meet your needs. We will probably spend another 2-3 hours gathering the necessary on-site information to create your customized report.

After our initial interview and site walk, we will provide a Report Package that includes personalized information you most need regarding:
Site Overview (Sun, wind, soil, waterflow, access, etc…)
Soil Conditions and Regenerative Recommendations
Watershed Management
Permaculture Zones Sketch
Recommended Plant Guilds
Specific Planting Templates
Calendar for Agroforest Development and Management

After presenting the Report Package, we will be available for another 1 hour for consultation, clarification and elaboration.

This offering and process is our unique co-creation and built upon 18+ years of hands-on and passionate Regenerative Agro-ecology, Eco-village, and Tropical Permaculture experience. We stand behind our services and guarantee that you will not find a more complete, practical, or eco-economical package anywhere else. We are excited to empower as many people, as much as possible, for the Greatest Collective Abundance.
Con Mucho Gusto,

Travis Britzke
Socio-Biologist, Syntropic Forest Gardener, Permaculture Designer, Facilitator, Artist and Singer/Songwriter

o 18+ years living in tropical communities (Intentional, Indigenous, and/or Subsistence Farming), fully immersed in farming and agroforestry systems.
o 15 years Managing/Designing Organic Farms & Volunteer Programs from Guatemala to Bolivia
o 3 years Peace Corps Panama Agro-forestry Volunteer and Assistant Trainer
o University Thesis on Socio-Biology, Positive Psychology, and Culture of Wellness

Vice President, Association Community Carbon Trees
Co-founder Diamante Bridge Collective and Diamante Luz

I’ve also served as social worker with immigrant families, tutor and mentor to “at-risk” youth and peace mediator. I have a passion for the wild and weedy “Thrival” plants, and enhancing the harvest with added energetic and nutritional value (fermenting, sprouting, preserving, etc…).
Currently I´m excitedly adopting Syntropic Permaculture to our local bioregion and incorporating our native, naturalized and exotics on a few booklets and online courses to facilitate this Great Turning that we are transitioning through. They include a Tropical Permaculture Cookbook, and EcoEconomics: Cultivating Quality of Life in a ForestGarden.


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