Peace Work: Riding the Dragon

Peace Work: Riding the Dragon

Peace Work: Riding the Dragon… Was an event; soon to be a series of short videos. If you’re hankering for another class, let me know.

A two-hour experiential journey offering powerful emotional energy-moving tools; treasure gained gained over 57 years and from a desire to express other than the: “schizophrenic, chronically depressed, post-traumatic stress disordered, bi-polar” person I was told I was.
These tools are for you if you’re labeled or not. For the “labeled,” they will assist through your latest “episode” …and for the “unlabeled” they offer calm & insight for those very human “losing it” moments.

Thank you so much for your patronage! Your support facilitates me facilitating Unity! 0xD5Baf0B4872Fb1Dc05f856a1e6764C2Fd33C9D1e

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