Peace Work Training/Group Coaching Consult

Peace Work Training/Group Coaching Consult
Warranty: Full

One on One Support for Peace Working Your Passion – a.k.a. Building a tribe around what your purpose/mission.
Two Features of Peace Work:
Passion flows like a River… Peace Work fits every passion!
When two or more are gathered in service of Love – all of creation elevates… Peace Work elevates creation consistently.
My joy involves co-creating experiences that build community around your passions…
I invite you to share a dream; I’ll be your first follower! And together we’ll create an immersive experience to engage groups of people in what means the most to you.
This includes creation of a thoroughly engaging agenda and specifically tailored experiential exercises.
The model works as beautifully for a half hour “taster” session as a multi-day retreat…
Once you understand the basic format & get comfortable with facilitation, the
application is endless. You are never locked in. As you discover new passions, or simply
good reasons, you can create whole new experiences.
Additional benefits include:
A Peace Work Tool Kit (110 pages of in-depth instruction)
Facilitator Tips Handout
Participation in “Passionate for Peace Work” Facebook Group
On-going opportunities to practice in existing Peace Work groups
Be in touch for clarification or to offer suggestions
Note: All contributions are interpreted as donations toward Peace Work Outreach Ministries’ mission to spread Peace Work globally.

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