The Online Heart-Centered Coaching Business Mastery Program

The Online Heart-Centered Coaching Business Mastery Program

Are you a coach ready to have building your business be FUN & EASY? ❤️‍🔥

Are you ready to enjoy most of your time free, living a life you love and creating a huge impact & income while working with dream clients? ✨

Are you ready to do all this by BEING YOU and expressing from your heart, with love, on social media? 💥

When I was growing up, I experienced my mother get the shit beat out of her by my dad. Her voice, her value, and her vision were stifled, suppressed, and stuck inside her. ☹️

I took on all kinds of limiting beliefs around the masculine, the feminine, around security, around my purpose…not to mention all the weight they passed on to me around money and security and possibility. 🤯

…30 years later & I’ve cleaned that B.S. up. 💩

In the process, I discovered that the talent, the dharma, the gift God was growing inside of me was the capacity to UNLEASH the divine feminine within a safe masculine container and structure towards giving her gifts in the world and receiving MASSIVE abundance in doing so…it was the gift I would’ve given my mother in those moments of her extreme suffering and pain: the full unleashing and unlocking of HER voice, HER value, HER vision, HER boundaries, and HER ability to give HER gifts in the world and receiving abundance in return. ❤️‍🔥

And while I’ve focused most of my practice on women, I’ve recently opened it up to help men as well! (After all, we each have both energetic polarities inside of us) 🤲🏻

Here’s what’s possible:

✅ I helped Gianni Luisi reach her first $14k month in revenue (she helps women heal from toxic relationships)…she immediately adventured to Costa Rica.

✅ I helped Austen Wigglesworth, creativity coach, to go from never having sold anything as a coach to his first $1500 high-ticket client in less than a month, ending up collecting his first $4500 in cash in less than two months.

✅ I helped Valerie Guglielmi Larrode, a French former pharmacist living in Shanghai and corporate kickass turned coach & consultant, to go from no money in coaching to her first $15k WEEK in revenue in only a few months…

✅ I helped Gladius Sovereign, Sovereign Mind Method coach for high-potential professional young men, go from never having sold any coaching before in his life to selling his first $1500 coaching client within FOUR DAYS after beginning work with me, following that up with his first $2k cash collected week as a coach.

✅ I helped Tatiana Fontalvo do $6500 in sales during her first day bringing her gifts to market (NEVER having made a single cent in coaching before that).

✅ I helped Marshall Graeber to go from no cashflow in his coaching business to his first $3,000 in business in less than a month with a filled launch of his first group coaching program

✅ I helped Amber J. Lawson go from chasing $1 subscriptions and nearly burning herself out to making her first $15k month in sales through building a powerful offer in helping women to recapture their spark…and she followed this up with her first vacation in TEN YEARS – to Mexico.

AND I’d love to help YOU to do the same…through the power and ease of manifestation and purpose, backed by solid business sense, systems, structure, and coaching given by yours truly. 😎

Come scale your business, cementing your tribe of fellow heart-centered coaches, and having an absolute exquisite BLAST of FUN AND FLOW while doing so. 🤩

🤔 How does it work? For four months, you enjoy the following:

❤️‍🔥 A beautiful curated community of heart-centered coaches on the same path, some of them a few steps ahead of you,

❤️‍🔥 50+ hours of exclusive content, from which I’ll choose the most impactful for you RIGHT NOW, built to serve you in building your OWN in-flow system and process for marketing, selling, connecting, serving, and resetting your vibe to keep the momentum going in your energy, your action, and your identity, including:

❤️‍🔥 My signature video courses in:
❤️‍🔥 transformational public speaking,
❤️‍🔥 filling your own live or virtual workshops and events with 10-20 ideal quality leads without spending any money on ads, and
❤️‍🔥 making offers directly from the stage (this course alone contains tools that coaches have used to generate their first $3k-$10k sales from a single event!).

❤️‍🔥 Regular weekly group Zoom call masterminds with me. This is where the magic ✨ happens. Where we course correct through challenges, bust blocks to your expression and effectiveness, and together create solutions and opportunities through connection, coaching, and community.

❤️‍🔥 A curated group Messenger text feed where you can ask questions anytime and get prompt answers and support from myself AND the other coaches involved.

❤️‍🔥 Do all of the above in such a way that YOUR fun, YOUR flow, YOUR love, and YOUR intuition get nourishingly integrated within solid and effective business practices and processes so that you can drop in, tune in, turn off the noise of the world, and align with your greatest purpose, your deepest pleasure, and your fullest joy…(this is not a cookie-cutter system; it’s YOU fully embodied, expressed, and ALIVE doing your dharma!)

Ready to embrace the ADVENTURE of building a coaching business, bringing ALL of you along for the ride, especially including your precious beautiful inner child and how you most LOVE to express?

I’ve done it, and I’d love to help you do it too…

I’ve got several spots left for the current Speak Powerfully Now Coaching Business Development Program, but my calendar is already starting to fill up with calls for people to join for the new year.

So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in?

I love you, thank you, God bless you,
Louis Brantmeyer,
Founder & CEO,
Speak Powerfully Now

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