Are you feeling the call to express your authentic truth and FREE your VOICE? 🗣️

This vocal activation session is for YOU!

I consider myself a Voice Midwife, here to empower you in discovering your unique voice and freeing your authentic expression so that you can show up more fully as your true self in this world.

During our 1.5 hour session together, we will dive deep into what may be blocking your voice, address any repressed trauma and integrate the parts of yourself that have been hiding or afraid to be seen & heard. We will harness the power of your voice as your very own sound healing instrument to clear any stagnant energies and liberate your creative expression using your vibration.

This is an introduction to what is possible when we connect with our voice as our sacred instrument and realize our potential through the expression of our soul.

You will leave this session feeling empowered and ready to continue the journey of expressing your self in more ways than you thought were possible.

Everyone has a voice to share and YOUR voice is your MOST powerfull instrument!

You can read more about my full voice activation package here: https://www.lightofsound.com/soul-expression-activation/

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