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We’re so happy you’re partnering with us to use Nature Coin (NACO) the New Earth digital economy.

Below you will find the steps to get you acquainted with Nature Coin. What it is, how it can benefit your business, how to gain access to Nature Coin, and get listed in our Online Marketplace community. You’ll also find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What’s a Vendor?

A vendor is an individual or organization that identifies as a business and/or has a brick & mortar location

Step1: What is Nature Coin?

Watch this video attached here to find out more about Nature Coin (NACO) and how it works. 

What’s Nature Coin?

Step 2: How can Nature Coin Benefit You?

  • It’s a recession, inflation, economic downturn-proof economy 
  • It’s a way to safeguard your business from any economic interruptions
  • Nature Coin inspires collaboration instead of competition …

Step 3: Setup an Appointment with our Vendor Liaison

(Vashon’s calendly link will go here)

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Assistance with Setting up Nature Coin Wallet
  • Assistance with Setting up your online listing in the Tree of Life Marketplace

Choosing the NEW EARTH Economy

If you’ve already decided you’re ready to get on board with having Nature Coin offered at your business follow the steps below.

Step 4: Sign your Vendor Agreement

Reach out to our Vendor Liaison to receive the Vendor Agreement that will give you details on what your partnership using Nature Coin will look like.

Step 5: Access Nature Coin

  • Setup Your Wallet

Follow the steps listed below or watch the videos for step-by-step instructions on how to create an account

How to setup MetaMask for Binance Chain on your Computer

  • 1. Download MetaMask to your web browser:
  • Go to MetaMask.io and download it for your browser. Then follow the steps to setup a new account.
  • 2. Configure for Binance Chain. Once you create an account, click the circle on the upper right hand side and click settings. Then on the Settings page, we want to locate the Networks menu.
  • 3. Next fill in the following like so:
  • Network Name – Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL – https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID – 56
  • Symbol – BNB
  • Block Explorer URL – https://bscscan.com
  • When you are done, click “Save” and then click “Add Network”
  • 4. Add your token’s contract address Click “X” and make sure the network selector at the top says “Binance Smart Chain”
  • Now click the “Assets” tab and click the “Add Token” button
  • Select the “Custom Token” tab and paste the following into the “Token Contract Address” box:
  • 0x8d085664b084db450150b485a588d0b40ea3b54f
  • After you paste that in, then the rest of the boxes will auto-fill. Click “Next” and then click “Add Tokens” to add your token’s support to the wallet.
  • You did it! Now you are set up to receive Nature Coin – NaCo – in your wallet.
  • Copy your Public Key and post in the discussion in the lesson called “Post Metamask Public Key Here” at the beginning of the Program. (This step may be adjusted based on the Vendor process we come up with)
How to setup your Nature Coin Wallet

Step 6: Access Tree of Life Marketplace

The Tree of Life Marketplace (TOL) is our online marketplace where your business can be listed. You can also list any products or services you’d like to make available for purchase online.

  • Register for TOL

Follow the steps listed below or watch the videos for step by step instructions on how to create an account

How to Register for a Tree Of Life (TOL) Profile
  • The video above is a walk-through of the steps to register for and edit your profile at Tree of Life Central.
  • Go to https://www.treeoflifecentral.com and register in order to be able to post and share items and/or services you are inspired to offer in exchange for Nature Coin.
  • When you register, you will receive an email confirmation and you must click the link in it in order for your registration to be complete.
  • Setup Your TOL Offering

Follow the steps listed below or watch the videos for step by step instructions on how to create an account

  • Now that you are in, what would you like to have offered?  
  • Do you have products and/or services you’d like to have available online or do you just want to have your business listed as accepting Nature Coin? 
  • What would be easy for you to offer with a step or two?
  • What would you LOVE to offer that would stretch you and be exponentially valuable for those who say yes to it?
  • You can literally offer ANYTHING and there is no limit on the number of items either. Get inspired and get creative!!

Some Tips:

  • Select the best Category
  • Insert an Image of your product or item or to represent your service (you can also add your QR code wallet image)
  • Title (Provide a quick preview of your offer being as concise & clear as possible ie., 90-minute Thai Massage)
  • Price in NACO (How much do you want for sharing your heart’s passion. NACO is currently 1 NACO=$3 USD)
  • Fill in any other applicable fields
  • Description (Describe what you’re offering (date, time, where, size, benefits)
  • Add the best way to contact you (email, calendly)
  • Add your public key

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Nature Coin General FAQ’s

  • What is Nature Coin? 
    NaCo is the reserve currency of the New Earth economy.
  • Why does NaCo matter?
    The New Earth economy is a system that is beholden to no one. It is the economy of those who are co-creating it – that’s YOU!
  • Who can use NaCo? 
    NaCo is available for anyone to transact with.
  • Is it safe to use NaCo? 
    We use Metamask wallets which are anonymous. 
  • Where can I get NaCo?
    You receive NaCo as a gift when you donate to Earthwaking. You can also earn NaCo. You cannot buy NaCo.
  • Where can I use it? 
    TreeofLifeCentral.com is the marketplace for the New Earth economy. 
  • What can I spend it on? 
    Anything in Tree of Life Central and anything inside an Earthwaking Village location.  Anything that a willing seller will accept NaCo for.
  • What makes NaCo different than other cryptocurrencies? 
    It is the currency of Earthwaking Outreach, a 508(c)(1)(a) organization. It is not traded on a typical exchange like other cryptos.
  • Where can I earn NaCo? What can I do to earn NaCo? 
    Tree of Life Central is the place for you if you want to earn NaCo. We will also have many opportunities within Earthwaking Village physical locations to earn NaCo for a variety of tasks.
  • When will NaCo be in my wallet? 
    Once we verify and confirm the source data for all transactions, we will send NaCo to wallets. Those who have set up their wallets first will be the first to receive it.  
  • Why does NaCo matter?
    The New Earth economy is a system that is beholden to no one. It is the economy of those who are co-creating it – that’s YOU!

    Vendor FAQ’s
  • What is necessary to operate as a vendor who accepts NaCo as payment?  Great question! Let’s work this one out!
  • What is of paramount importance today for TOL, NaCo, and EW overall? 
    We are at the very beginning of utilizing TOL and NaCo as everyday currency. Reinventing the monetary system only works if people participate in the new earth economy and share how awesome it is. Shifting everything inside EW village locations to NaCo is critical now as it will show others what is possible.
  • I have suppliers where I get my products from, how can I pay them if they don’t take nature coin?
    It’s an excellent opportunity to get them onboarded with using Nature Coin too. Feel free to share their info with our Vendor Liason and we will share the benefits of utilizing Nature Coin for them as well.

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